A Bird of Prey

I want everyone to know my name. When I’m through, they’ll know me.

I’m not a bad guy. I’m polite, helpful, and attentive. I have a great physique, and my wings don’t have a feather out of place. And, unlike most Strix, I’m friendly! (My hair is perfect, too. Oh, and my smile! Gee, I’m super!)

Anyway, I’m an artist. A great sculptor. My art is designed to make people think. To realize that life is so exciting and emotional because it’s so very fleeting! That their pathetic charade of society (That I am very good at faking, by the way) isn’t worth the upkeep, because someone is going to stick it to them. Maybe it won’t be me, but gosh, they should be so lucky, because I am very smart and creative, and I’ll transform them into something bigger than they could ever be in life.

I want people to remember me, and my message, for all time! And, I want a really cool nickname like “The Claufier Ripper.” That will be so, so sweet! I read all the papers, and when I get mentioned, I put it in a little memory book. I’m just small-time now, but I’m improving my methods. And, I finally finished my ideal tool. My talons!

This is going to be so much fun. Life is great!

A Bird of Prey

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