Such a nice boy!




Kasey was adopted and raised by two human parents along with his elder brother. His parents were a jeweler and a florist, marketing their businesses together as “romance salespeople.” Unfortunately, the young Strix never showed an interest in sales nor in romance. He studied anatomy instead; fascinated with biology and mechanics, he learned how to create complex devices on his own time while apprenticing as an undertaker.

His parents died when he was in his late teens, in a tragic bridge collapse. He and his brother parted ways for good at that point, and there is still bad blood between them (on the brother’s side, not his).

Once completing his apprenticeship, Kasey was recruited by Beligarde to work in one of their secretive morgues, where he saw many “Cleaners” come and go. He started to idolize these cold killers and began practicing killing blows on the already deceased. Eventually, he was accepted into the Cleaners as a trapsmith.

However, the time had come to depart. Though Kasey wanted to make a dramatic exit, it became rather botched and muddled. Though it wasn’t very satisfying, and he received a gunshot wound before it was over, he doesn’t consider it a loss. After all, no one knows where he is, and he has a clear idea of who he wants to become.

Also, a little vial of preserved Grippli blood, which should make for some fun on the side.


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