The Big Three

Portfolio: Nature, Weather, The Sea.
Known as The Wind And The Waves, Gozreh is generally regarded as the first god, having existed for as long as the wind has blown and the tide has rolled.
Commonly worshipped by sailors, farmers, woodsmen, and anyone with strong affiliations to nature.

Portfolio: History, Knowledge, Diligence.
Known as The Master of Masters, Irori is believed to be a human who became a god through complete physical, mental, and spiritual enlightenment. He is worshipped by scholars, monks and those ever-driven to better themselves.

Portfolio: Magic, Destruction, Protection.
The All-Seeing Eye is the first master of the arcane font who lost his sanity in his pursuit for power, giving him a highly dualistic and unpredictable magic. Nethys is worshipped by wizards and others devoted to the arcane.

The Others

Portfolio: Civilization, Law, Trade.

Portfolio: Pride, Slavery, Contracts.

Portfolio: Invention, Clockwork, Technology.
The Whisper in the Bronze is the goddess of invention and seems to particularly favor those inventions that seem to take on a life of their own like clockworks or constructs. Those who have an love for the intrinsic component nature of life are usually found under her divine banner. Though few in numbers, her followers are usually devoted to pursuing her ideals than regular worship of their goddess. Many of the more devote followers believe she was a construct granted not only life, but divine power by the Gods before she ascended to the heavens. Brigh is normally shown as a woman made entirely of intricate bronze clockwork topped with a metal skullcap wielding a light hammer. Her holy symbol is a feminine mask with a single rune engraved on the forehead.

Portfolio: Lust, Trickery, Vengeance.

Portfolio: Luck, Travel, Dreams.

Portfolio: Wrath, War, Strength.

Portfolio: Justice, Valor, Honor.

Portfolio: Greed, Secrets, Poison.

Portfolio: Gluttony, Disease, Uneath.

Who Worships Who?

Each God has a slightly different demographic of followers. The following table shows which races follow which god in a noticeable manner (more than 10% of the racial population following)

- Race Human Halfling - Grippli Strix - Undine Sylph Ifrit Oread
Irori O O O O O O O O
Gozreh O O O O O O O O
Nethys O O O O
Abadar O O O O O
Asmodeus O O O O O
Brigh O O O O
Calistria O O O O O O
Desna O O O O
Gorum O O O O O O
Iomedae O O O O O
Norgorber O O O O O O


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